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photo: Human Touch

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

This is the first project developed by Children's Promise. The program communicates compassion in a media world where violence is too often glorified and kindness is dangerously shunned.

Photographs of lions and tigers spark discussion amongst classroom groups of elementary and early middle school students about cruelty and gentleness, hurtfulness and kindness. A tape of the lions talking to each other focuses the students' attention. Moving stories are related to the students about the animals' experiences.

photo: Tiger's Eyes!...

Discussion next travels to pets and how we treat them. Lastly, the program is devoted to uncovering and helping to change how the students treat each other.

photo: TogethernessStudents give feedback in the classroom during the presentation and learn ways to make supportive choices towards other students around them on the playground, in the halls and the other environments of their lives.

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