Children's Promise
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The Children’s Promise Mission

Purpose Statement
"Unfortunately, more young people today are displaying packages of multiple risky behaviors than was the case in the 1980’s (Dryfoos, 1997)….there is evidence to suggest that the more competent and supported adolescents feel, the less likely they are to engage in risk-taking behaviors and the more likely they are to maintain good health, be successful in school, care about themselves and others, and overcome adversity (Scales & Leffert, 1999). In concert, these findings underscore the importance of providing young people with opportunities to learn, practice, and receive recognition for displaying positive attitudes and values as well as health-enhancing and emotionally and socially competent behaviors…School-community partnerships can be nurtured by coordinating school and community efforts to achieve common goals in promoting students’ healthy development."

Children’s Promise fosters the healthy development of children and youth, by reducing bullyism, increasing compassion, and empowering young people to make positive choices.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit, Children’s Promise was established in 2001 when Director Mary Harrison was disturbed by the amount of bullying taking place in schools, on the playgrounds and in parks. Children’s Promise integrates the principals of Emotional Intelligence to teach nonviolence skills to children and youth. Over 3500 students have experienced Children’s Promise training sessions at 32 different locations, including 22 public and private schools, the Howe and Fort Howard Resource Centers, the Boys and Girls Club, the Salvation Army, the YMCA and the YWCA.

Executive Director
Mary Harrison has a B.A. is Growth and Development from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay. She has been certified as a teacher by the State of Wisconsin and taught for the Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College among other teaching.

Board of Directors
Mary Dorchester is a former teacher with significant experience in outreach to our most vulnerable child populations.

Elizabeth Hendrickson is a leading visionary and philanthropist, holding a Graduate Degree in Human Services.

John Hofmann is a pharmacist who was recently honored with the Bowl of Hygeia award. He shares his business skills as well as compassion through the Children’s Promise Board.

Jean Oleksy has a B.A. in Growth and Development from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, is a former teacher, and actively advocates for children in our community.

Dr. Sandra Stokes is a professor in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning Graduate Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Her fields of interests include special education/reading, family resource centers, family literacy, best practices, and curriculum/assessment.

Suzanne Wade is an educator from the University of Wisconsin – Extension, who has a background working with volunteer boards and grant proposals. She holds a Graduate Degree in Environmental Education, and recently received two prestigious awards in her field, one being the Distinguished Service Award.